Word forbidden list - Limit and ignored setting


i have 2 problems regarding the “Word forbidden” list.

1.) can it be that the list is limited to 92 entries?

As soon as I want to add a 93rd entry, it says invalid format. When I delete one entry (so there are then 91 entries there, and add the word that had before position 93 (and is not accepted) at position 92, it works. If I add now word that had in the previous list rowing position 92 and i add it now (so it would get now position 93), I get invalid format error.

This happens with every word at position 93 (and of course, beyond - as the “error” is at line/position 93).

2.) In the word forbidden list, I enabled that VIPs are allowed to say words that are forbidden.

But: as soon as I used one of the words, I get the warning (that normally is only for non-allowed users).

V2 detection is actived, Strict detection is deactivated.

Oh, maybe one thing: the vip is also a subscriber… could it be that the subscriber denial is higher than the vip allowance (if so, that should be changed).

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The limit and the problem of VIP are corrected :slight_smile:

Will the limit be extended (maybe for premium), and: will the order (first all forbidden, then override with the allow)?

I just have Apache directives with “deny, allow” in mind.

This is not really a limit, but a technical restriction imposed on us.
You should not have any more worries in the future.

Regarding permissions, there is no order, when a group (Subscribe for example) is on “OFF”, the option is simply disable.

Regarding permission:

I know what you mean, but in this case, the VIP is a member of 2 groups.

It happens, that people who are VIP (and have the permission to use the words) get gifted subscriptions (random, or directly from users, so the VIPs can use the channel emoticons). and with this gifted subscription, suddenly the permission gets revoked, when subscriber are not allowed to use the words.

I think, the logic should be here like: ok, lets see what is all forbidden, and then a 2nd round with: ok, lets see if it should be allowed.

Like: ok, the subscription makes it forbidden, but the VIP-status does allow it.

Maybe the VIPs should get the same routine like moderators (who are allowed to say the words), so the problem with gifted subs is no problem anymore.

This problem is fixed since my penultimate message :slight_smile:

I may not have written the right word:

The limit and the VIP problem are corrected => The limit and the VIP problem are now fixed

If you allow VIP’s in the permissions, even if they are subscribed, they will be allowed as long as the “VIP’s” option is enabled.

Permission options only serve as authorization and not prohibition :slight_smile:
By default, everyone (except moderators and streamer) is subject to the prohibition of forbidden words.

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ah, got it (yes, “VIP’s” option is of course enabled, so this authorization is given).

Thanks for the fix and the quick response!

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