Beta Overlay - current Song playing

Hi! i am trying to add current song playing. i have the app downloaded but there are no text files available.

i notice when the overlay loads, i can see current song but then it disappears. Is this an option i can turn on? I am currently using the full_beta

The song displayed on the “Full” overlay can be activated from here: WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA

It displays either the current song on the songrequest, or this one linked to the LastFM notification (WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA)

For the WizeBot application, make sure that your account is connected to the application and that the application is open in “Administrator mode”.

I do not see an option for song request?

I said a stupidity! :dizzy_face:

No option to activate, the last song played automatically appears when the SongRequest is active or the LastFM notification system is active.

I made a correction at the moment, which should be much better :slight_smile:

Confused. Will there be an option or do I have to use the full_beta? I prefer the

No need to use “full_beta”, you can use the basic overlay without problem.

ok. Do i need to be live? testing in Obs with song request player running but current song is not showing.

Can you test again ? :wink:

sweet working! thank you! Now to get LastFM working LOL

For the future - I think it would look nicer, if the song title was scrolling. :slight_smile:

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