LastFM Notification

Can it be that this function is currently out of operation?
I’ve already tried everything but it doesn´t work.
When I call the page LastFM notification then appears very briefly:

Can you possibly check if there are possibly problems?

We will do some checks, we will return to you as soon as possible :wink:

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I’m having trouble myself. … My extention scrobbles and its on my , but wizebot won’t read it . It keeps saying no current song even tho on my it shows that im playing the song . I have tried various types of account names ( caps, non caps , a mix , email with caps and non caps ) It’s just not reading my or something of the sort . anything I am missing ?

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Sorry for this response time!

We checked the system, on our side all the information is correctly retrieved.

Check the nickname is the right one (capital letters are not a worry).
And the live must be online so the system retrieves the data.

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