Forbidden Words Limit


In this thread (link) it was stated that the problem of the limited number of forbidden words has been resolved. When I added a list of about 640 words now, I got the same limit.

I tried to reduce the number of words using wildcard, but for the Russian language it is quite difficult (at least for me)

Is there a way to solve this problem? Thanks!

We are going to do some tests and optimizations.

The Russian language is potentially not 100% supported by the current system (the system is optimized for numeric alpha (A-Z / 0-9)), we will see to adapt it.

For the limit, we will also make some adjustments,
It should also be taken into account that a high number of forbidden words makes the processing of messages in the Chat longer. The processing of commands and other features are also impacted because the bot checks the message before processing actions.

We will ask for a little patience until everything is done on the system :slight_smile:

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