Viewers (followers and subs) unable to use some commands

So i’ve noticed recently that a couple of my commands which previously worked fine have stopped working for regular viewers despite permissions being set on the commands to be usable by everyone. One of them is just a basic text command that should have no problem and the other i’ve noticed is a counter command in which only mods are able to make it count up. Viewers, followers, subs and even VIP’s are only able to bring up the existing count and typing !rip + just does nothing.

Once again, i have checked the permissions under advanced configuration and they’re all set to "All (No Permission) as is default.

Have you checked that the global restriction option is not active on your channel?

First option > “Global commands restriction”.

thats set to “No Limitations”

Can you give me your channel name ? :slight_smile:

If I resume the initial message, concerning the counters :

Only the moderators (and the streamer) can interact with the counter, the viewers can only see the count value.

It’s possible that “later”, an option will allow to choose who can interact (Modify) with the counter.

But viewers used to be able to interact with the counter just fine, they didn’t even have to include the + after the command to make it go up, it just would do that each time the command was used

So it’s not the “counter” type that should be used!

It must simply be a command with the TAG $(cmd_count) to include in the text of the command, it is simply the number of use of the command.

The counter type in any case, has never allowed to change its number by calling the command without argument (And especially not the viewers).

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