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we have the “Effect of Fading” for our Songs. So the Song is removed from the Playlist after playing.

But is there a Way to do this only for Viewer requested Songs after they are played?
I wish a static Playlist that will never touched. If a Viewer requests a Song, it will played and
removed afterwards so the Playlist continues.
At the Moment the requested Song will stay in my List.
On the ofter Hand, if i use “Delete after playing”, all Songs will be removed after playing.

Someone an Idea?

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I hope I understand your problem correctly. Please write me if it works like this.

Currently, as you have already described, all played songs are deleted. The only thing you can do right now is create a YouTube playlist. This is never deleted and remains permanently and is a kind of continuous loop. If you have a playlist and you have the import, that’s always second choice. If a viewer requests a song, it will be played first.
Below I have posted the link and a picture for you.

Wizebot player = WizeBot Tools - WizeBot.tv BETA
Playlist setting = WizeBot Tools - WizeBot.tv BETA

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Im german too.
But thats what i did. I imported a YouTube List like the Screenshot above. This list is permanent ofc.
But if a Viewer requests a Song, the Song is added permanently too.

Otherwise, if we choose Fade, the Song gets deleted after playing, thats what i want.
But the other Songs imported by Youtube Import too.


We will think about integrating an option to keep the “imported” titles even with the “Auto-delete” option.


That would be so awesome!

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You can now find the “Keep your titles” option on our panel in the SongRequest section.

This option allows you to not delete the titles added by the streamer as well as the imported titles.

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