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I downloaded the leaderboard extension on twitch and it’s telling me i need an active wizebot account. when i click on the link it gives me it opens the wizebot website. i then connect via twitch (clicking on the twitch logo when loging in) but it doesn’t work. do i need to pay premium or what ? i really wish i could use it as it looks really cool.
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“It doesn’t work” is not a very useful description. Do you have ad/popup blockers installed? Are you logged into your Twitch account? Have you blocked access from your Twitch account to the Wize.Bot earlier?

You can see if the Wize.Bot is already connected to your account here: Twitch

it is connected, and i saw that it works cause i got ppl in the leaderboard. the only thing is that when i click on “configure” i see this :

is there even a page on twitch to configure it or the only way to configure it is via itself ?

So I tried it out and got the same message, but the extension is working fine. This seems like an error on the end on the extension and not your ‘fault’.


I see it now, there’s just nothing to configure on Twitch’ end, so it just lets you know you need an active bot account and that’s that :slight_smile: So you’re good!

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ok thank you !!

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