Weather Command

Is it possible to do something like this - $readapi($msg) where the viewer types !weather city

You can try this:


Hi, i did try this but its not allowing ppl to add the country. The command i’ve used is

However lots of cities have the same name! So usually they add the country code ie London, GB. in this case the bot does not respond.

If the API does not allow you to choose a country or region,

Unfortunately, we can not do more :no_mouth:

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the API does allow for country in the format london, GB

Your system ignores the comma and text afterwards.

The system handles all the text well, whether it is with commas or not.

The problem was related to the length of the message that exceeded the allowed limit.
The limit to was widely revised, which should now corrected and displayed the message :wink:

Perfect :slight_smile: yes all working! Now if i could only put a weather emote in front …

Ah… For the emoticon, impossible. :disappointed:
But the next version will allow you to use a TAG rather than a type of command, which will allow you to add text before and after calling the url.

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Perfect :slight_smile: its working now so super happy. I have a very global channel

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