Time Command in Wizebot

Is there a way to create a command to display the local time in Wizebot? Say I want to have a command(!time) and the message would be “The local time in country is …” How would I make this command?

idk if this is the best way, but i did it this way (coming from Streamlabs Chatbot):

:alarm_clock: TIME: This is the current time in… Los Angeles: $urlcall(https://decapi.me/misc/time?timezone=America/Los_Angeles) • New York: $urlcall(https://decapi.me/misc/time?timezone=America/New_York) • Madrid/Paris/Berlin: $urlcall(https://decapi.me/misc/time?timezone=Europe/Paris)

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Ah so it’s not doable in Wizebot? :frowning: That sucks oh well thanks anyway for the help!

You can now use this in your commands :slight_smile:


Returns the time (+ Days / Months) of the time zone configured on your WizeBot account.


$time(now,America/Los_Angeles) OR $time(now,US)

For Los Angeles

$time(now,Europe/Paris) OR $time(now,FR)

For Paris


$time(now,America/Los_Angeles,Y-m-d H:i:s)

For Los Angeles with this format : Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Seconds


For Paris with this format : Hour:Minute:Seconds

You can use for time zone the codes on this link:

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