Custom api not working our do i so something wrong

i’m trying to get the follow items to work in wizebot

command !test1
setup Custum API (URL) wizebot action: my total in-game for (gamename) is $readapi(
action response my total in-game for (gamename) is xxx hours.

any tips how to setup this

Try this with “Say text” type :

My total in-game for $(current_game) is $urlcall(,1)

[quote=“donutplayinggames, post:4, topic:3051”]

thnx next one for
!howlong $(display_name), you follow $(channel_name) on $urlcall($(channel_name)/$(display_name)?format=d-m-Y H:i:s&timezone=netherlands/amsterdam) (CET)

the outcome shows now: user1, you follow donutplayinggames on (CET) so there is no time format showing

For followers, you have the command !fc activable from this page:

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