Need some Commands

Hej Team,

i have some questions:

  1. is it possible to make a command with like !leaderbord and it Posts the top 10 of my Viewer rank ?

for example : 1) ABC lvl XY 1234currnecy
2) DEF lvl XY 5678currency

or smth like that ?

  1. how can i manage that my Viewer can see their fulltime watchtime, not for a week, since they are following or smth like that ?

  2. I read smth about some new Chat games like heist / Arena and smth else. Is there News out about this ? because i love such ideas but i cant Combine wizebot with ankhbot for example so i have to make a decission.


Hey @braveheartwp, :wave:

[1] :thinking: It is not possible to use this at the moment. But there is !top and then comes the link to the extern website. Where people can see the ranks. But I think it could be possible or it is already in the planning, there would have to answer a developer more precisely on it.

[2] :thinking: At the moment there is only the possibility that the viewers can see their time in the week. But I think it is in planning so you can see the whole time.

[3] As far as I know it is in the planning. Believe me, Wizebot is much better, since you can do much more. Just because currently these games are not there, so not to use the bot is kind of funny. My people are so good at me. For me, the bot !run, !plant and !drop games automatically into the chat. Everything great!

Hope I could help you. If there are any questions, just type them. :wink:

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1.There is currently no top command with reception in chat.
The main reason is spam generate in chat by this type of command.

This is why we have made a top directly on the external site that lists all the information with top.

2.You have the command !myuptimeg which displays the uptime of the viewer since the date of release of the functionality.

3.You have a lot of games available on the service (!run, !drop, !bomb ,!roulette, !ticket (virtual currency), !knock) and no worries other games are planned! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the Response.

!top, ok i can work with that. thanks

!myuptimeg is since i use wizebot i guess ? Thanks :slight_smile: whats what i Need

and about the games:

i wont Change the bot only because of games, but there is a lot more things what wize need. and something like the new or old Panel are unnecessary for me but thats just my opinion. I really like the wizebot and i bought the premium instant because i love some premium possibilities.

I have a new question, i know i’m annoying but, i’m using streamlabs with wizebot, and when i disable the alert in streamlabs for getting no double alert i get nothing from streamlabs just the own wizebot Sound but not my streamlabs Sound.

sorry for my bad english, my english is not the yellow from the egg lol sry german joke :smiley:



No Problem :blush: @braveheartwp
You’re not annoying for your questions! It’s Human!

With Streamlabs I can not help you, I use Tipeeestream, because I have more possibilities. Should not be advertising and currently I do not use Wizebot Follow via Tippeestream or Streamlabs. Could be that you have to look at the notification Window. Try it out, that you have Streamlabs off and Wizebot on or the other way around.

We have a French (Français - Forum - Wize.Bot BETA) and German (Deutsch - Forum - Wize.Bot BETA) Forum too, when you speak the Language better!

Hope I could help you. If there are any questions, just type them. :wink:

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The forum is there to answer questions, do not worry :slight_smile:

Is the streamlabs source present on your (OBS / Xsplit) scene?
Here’s what you need to have on StreamLabs:

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but i have to use the URL in OBS right ?

You need your Streamlabs-Widget-Url in OBS.

Hope I could help you. If there are any questions, just type them. :wink:

Thanks for the Response and the follow @panda279tv :smiley:

I think i will try tipeestream, it Looks awesome <3 do you use the alerts thenfrom tippee or wizebot ?

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I use only Tipeeestream for the use. Write me in private, if you want to know something more :smiley:

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