The problem with AFK

A question about virtual currency. The AFK settings are extremely clear in the levels, but they are not in the currency settings. How does the AFK system for virtual currency work and how can it be configured? Because I turn on the exclude AFK icon, but the viewer who does not write to the chat for a long time still gets virtual currency.

The option sets an AFK for people who have not spoken during the entire duration of the last assignment.

If you have defined 10 minutes in the automatic assignment, if the person does not speak during these 10 minutes, he is considered as AFK by the system.

As for the levels and ranks, yes, there are settings for how afk is determined, but there are no such settings for the currency, and with me, with the afk mode turned on, viewers receive the currency without writing a single word in the chat🤔

A problem was detected on the option in question.

Tell me if the problem is still present on your side.

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