Virtual Currency - Explanation needed for "Allocation by Activity"


in Virtual Currency there is a feature called “Allocation by Activity”.
It’s explanation is not documented and I don’t understand how allocation of the virtual currency works.

Here I have an example:
I’d like to give my viewers 0.1 points for each message sent.
And as far as I understood a viewer gets 0.1 points for each message and it gets accumulated for 1800 sec = 30 minutes.
Is that correct?
If not I’d be thankful if you could explain to me how this feature works.

The way you have it setup, every follower will get .1 points every 1800 seconds. ASSUMING they’ve said something in the past 1800 seconds.

Specifically, if you set 60 seconds :
The person will not be able to earn virtual currency again until 60 seconds after the last award.

If you set 0 in the value, the person will earn virtual currency every time he sends a message.

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