Sound is Glitched

Yesterday my issue began… I was creating a new command and uploading a sound for it when it changed ALL of the sounds of the other commands to the one i had just uploaded. when i would try to upload a different sound it would upload the same sound and not the one i chose. Now my sounds arent playing at all. FYI I do have the notification window up when testing.

Very often the sound needs a little bit for uploading or when it is changed. Just wait a little bit.
But what is easier and faster is simply to make a new command and test it there.

It could also be that the Wizebot service has just been updated and you were about to upload a song. He just wasn’t available for a few minutes, that happens.

And you must definitely have the notification open and the sound on.

Please try again and let us know if it worked. Also delete the old command and make a new one please.

EDIT: It is now on the new panel and many bugs have been fixed!


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