Custom Commands not playing Sound

Hello there I am new with Wize bot and have been going through the various things it has, I found in my commands that when adding new ones I can upload a sound linked to that command so it can play. The problem I am having is that neither when I or a viewer enters the command can we hear the sound at all, I do not even know if the sound itself is registering. For instance I have !scare costing 1 currency with an uploaded sound file but when the command is hit nothing happens, not even the currency is removed. Is there an issue with how I am setting up the command? or do I need to link the bot to my obs in someway so that it registers through there and then my stream or do i need to integrate it into my overlay? Any and all assistance will be appreciated thank you.

Did you open the notification area?
You can open it via the “bell” icon at the top of the panel.

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Oh well I feel noobish normally when i see that bell symbol i think its for comments.likes,pm’s etc i never thought to check it for sound that solves all my worldly problems thank you for the quick response and assistance.

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