Sound commands won't play until Notification Area is put into focus

I have some chat commands which trigger sounds and I’ve found if I open the notification area, go live and someone uses one of these commands no sound is played. If I then click on the notification area window, putting it in focus, any sound commands that have been used will suddenly play at once. After this sounds will play normally but is an issue for every first time someone uses a command in the stream.

Is this something I can change?

The problem is mainly related to browsers that put windows to sleep.

It is necessary to keep the window in focus and in the foreground if possible to avoid these inconveniences.

That’s not entirely the case here though. The window only needs to be put in focus for the first sound effect of the session, after this the window can be in the background or minimized and sound effects will continue to work for the rest of the session.
This behaviour happens with both Chrome and Opera GX browsers.

We have added the launch of a small sound when clicking on “Open the notification area”.

Let us know if this keeps the browser awake and triggers the coming sounds :slight_smile:

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