Problems with the music

Hi All

I am using "song player " In my stream lately I experience that my viewer can’t put music in my chat anymore via a command! SR.

I can easily put the same numbers into the playlist as they find but I simply cannot be allowed to my seer does it?
The writer either lacks the title or the link is defective, but when I use the same link it works fine.

What should I do for it will work again…??

Do you have the opportunity to perform add tests with your viewers and come back to us to check the logs? :slight_smile:

As possible, if you also have the possibility to perform screens of the tests.


I have done several different tests, however, I have not been taken any screenshots of it. am raining I am streaming here a little later today then I will probably get a series of tests and "Remember " to have taken any photos;-D

Right now I can easily put music into the player via! SR Command but all my viewers unfortunately can no things but their links work fine with me and can be added

I return with pictures

Have you done any other tests? :slight_smile:

If the problem is still present, try to disable the limitations (Followers currently) of the SongRequest system.

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