Points being taken whilst in a claim block / spawn zone - 7 days to die

My friend and I have had quite a lot of success setting up commands with wizebot and our 7 days to die server but we’re not sure how we can stop a command from being ‘successful’ and taking someones points if a command doesn’t work correctly.

Our use case is that we’ve set a safe zone by putting a land claim block down, when a person uses a command in stream this still takes their points but doesn’t spawn a zombie.

Is there a way to stop it taking a person’s points?

Impossible, the game doesn’t return any errors or information to know if the player is in a safezone.

But normally, the command spawn (From CPM mode) spawns zombies even in a SafeZone (By a claim).

After that, the best way is to make it clear to the viewers to do the actions when the game/situation allows it.

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