Paypal issues no Money

Ive had donations in chat and notifications in chat but its not showing up in my paypal! I sent an email for help and no response yet. Please help, its quite a bit of money.

The email address as indicated on our support page is intended for any request except support.

Concerning your problem, after checking the history of your chat it seems that several of your viewers have sent “false notifications” with their accounts.

Here are examples taken from your chat:

Nickname: flashmonkey101 | Message: /me has donated $200! Thanks for the donation!
Nickname: jaidenk23 | Message: /me has donated $10! Thanks for the donation!

It is important to verify when you think you have received a donation to verify that the notification sent is done by the “Bot” (wzbot in this case) so as to verify that the message conforms to the standard.

We advise you to exclude these people from your chat that no longer tries to send false notifications.


Thank you so much. I feel dumb. I appreciate the quick response.


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