Pause future song requests, but keep current queue playing


Is there a way to pause future song requests, while keeping the rest of the queue playing? If I do !stopsr the whole player stops playing, but if I then unpause the video, the !sr is enabled again. I would like to collect songs for the first hour of my stream, then pause incoming song requests and play what’s left in the queue. Is this possible?

It is best to let the application close so that the list does not start automatically.

You can launch the application later and find all the previously posted sounds.

That’s not the solution, because when I close the app the song requests stop playing. I want the list to play automatically but I want to see if REQUESTING songs and PLAYING songs can be separated, because requests come in WAY QUICKER than I can play them. So I already restricted the amount of songs people can request, but it’s still too much and it feels unfair to the viewers to keep song requests open until the end of my stream, while I already know I will never play their request because of time limitations.

so the question remains: can you please separate requesting and playing back songs so that I can pause !sr while keeping the player open and running - so that viewers just cannot add more songs to the playlist?

So, I’m either blind or stupid, but to pause incoming song requests while keeping the player open and running, just switch off the sr with this beautiful button:

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