Song request stopped working

So the song request player suddenly stopped working yesterday mid-stream.

No settings or changes were made to any part of my stream, it just stopped suddenly and now it will not re-activate nor will it load or play songs. It deleted all the songs, not a problem, can always load more songs, but the problem is that it just no longer works at all, like period.

Please help, thanks so much.

We have discovered a problem with your account.
This problem is now fixed, you now have the SongRequest functional.

He should not return in the future following the correction :slight_smile:

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Oh good deal, thanks so much. What exactly was the problem?

Did someone make changes inside my account or something??

Thanks again for helping with this.

The problem was not related to the account itself, but to a rare behavior which prevents the reception of data.

Do not hesitate to come back if you encounter any other problems! :slight_smile:

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