New Song Request Widget

How is this supposed to work? I dded the widget as a new browser source but there is nothing there?

The widget simply does not have to open the SongRequest player on your browser.

There is nothing to display, it’s normal.

To manage it you have to use the commands in the Chat (Or other integrations like StreamDeck).


I’ve tried to integrate the Songrequest widget in OBS as a browser source but it displays as a grey window with a play button and 3 dots blinking. I’ve tried to install Flash player both NPAPI & PPAPI, but nothing still appears.

How to make this work ?

Config : latest W10 & OBS

ok I added the source but the songs do not play. How do I get them to start?

do i add it as a browser source or media source?


The video is probably activated on the basic SongRequest, I invite you to open the normal player and then disable the video in the configuration (Via the icon in form of gear).


To handle the SongRequest widget you have to use the commands (! Startsong, etc).

It is possible that the use of “modified” streaming software (StreamLabs OBS, etc.) blocks the operation of the widget. We have no solution if that’s the case.

I am using Streamlabs OBS. I do not see how that would block it?

This software does not support / block players (html5), which makes it impossible to use some overlays like the SongRequest or even the Clip overlay.

Do not have any solution :no_mouth:

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