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So, I didn’t get a notification saying that I needed to follow Wizebot on twitch in order to use it’s full capabilities. I only found out because my sub and host notifications weren’t popping up in the chat, and so when I went to it said I wasn’t following and needed to…

Well now I’m following, and it’s still showing that notification. Why is it saying I’m not following wizebot on twitch when I am??

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  • You’re following Wizebot on Twitch, and it may take a few hours to get this right. That was the same with me.

  • For Host you just have to link your Twitch Account. New Panel → Old Panel → Advanced → Extended connection
    WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA
    (The extended connection allows WizeBot to do much more actions like retrieving HOST alerts and automatically launch advertisements.)

  • If it does not get better, an employee has to look over it.

Sry, for my bad English. :smiley: I am from Germany! :de: Just for info, I’m not :see_no_evil: from the Wizebot Team!
Hope I could help you. If there are any questions, just type them. :vulcan:
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