Draw Options for followers

Wanting to know if there is a draw option for followers whether or not they are online. I know you can type !draw Pick 1 subs put I want to pick from my list of followers instead. Is this possible?

Take In The Spiciness!!

First of all, sry for no answer!

Actually, it’s quite simple, yes it goes. Only when you live. Please have a look at this first link! The second link is the draw for the panel to find it faster.

!draw new @follow 15 (15 days of follow or more required)

!draw new !enter @follow 15 (Customize participation command with conditions)

!draw pick 1 viewers (Draw a winner from all present viewers in your channel.)

!draw pick 5 uptime 60 (Draw of 5 winners (present or not) among all viewers with at least 60 minutes or more of uptime in the current week.)




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