Giveaway - no notification


I have this technical question. Does your “giveaway” drawing system allow it to not tell you what command you need to enter to participate in the drawing.

This option would allow me, for example, to make a contest and the real answer would be the command. And each person who would enter the command in this format: “!correctAnswerToQuestion” would be considered for the drawing.

From what I’ve noticed, this is the case, for example, in the Nightbot bot, where you can set yourself a keyword, i.e. “!wordKluccz” and start the drawing, but the Nightbot bot itself does not inform in the chat that in order to participate in the drawing you have to write the command “!wordKluccz”.

You can modify the texts from this page:

By typing in the search bar “Draw”, you should find the texts that correspond to the draw system and therefore remove the TAG that displays the command :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint. I will honestly say that sometimes your UI is not very intuitive.

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