Control to manage VODs thru Wizebot Web-Interface

Is there a way to have the manager options to control VOD (deleting, chaning the attributes) within the Bot Interface?

In my case, the custom Botname has already the editor role assigned, it would be a logical step, to delegate it to eg. to super-operators with limited rights. Maybe an idea for a future update?

I know, for Clips it won’t work, because Clips can only be edited by the Channel owner (even Twitch might change that in a future update, so all with Editor role can manage clips, too).

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PS: The reason for this idea is: Editor Role has a very large impact, as you can’t only do stuff in the VOD section, but also the stream attributes itself.

It would be cool if this rights can be delegated finer, eg. deleting of the VOD, or renaming is possible for super-admins with restricted access, the whole range of functions is available for all with full-access, and the channel owner, of course.

And it would be cool if that might work also the same way for clips (deleting possible for super-admins, even with restricted access).

Both could be an option for Premium, that would be IMO a mega feature.

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