How to use Super User

so how does super user work? my friend made me an operator and super user for his twitch channel but i dont know how to access his streaming panel.


It can sometimes be a bit tricky…

  1. Login
  2. At the bottom of the login screen is a “Manage another account” drop down menu, use that. Then continue logging in
  3. If, when you login, you skip the screen I linked above and go straight to the dashboard, logout and relogin again. This happens about half the time I log in.

Once in, you’ll have near complete access to their control panel.

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and if that option is not there it means im not super user right?


You have to be set as Superuser in Wizebot. Only the channel owner can set super users. They do so on the old panel, as shown here

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ok thank you very much

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