Cant add animation to donation Overlay

Hii, i just started using the service here :slight_smile:
im using PS4 and WizBit work like a magic!

im trying to add animation to my donations but nothing shows when i do “test”
i tried both transperant and normal gif from giphy website bot hey doesnt seem to show…
i tried as well to upload them as a file

any suggestions?

Hey :wave: @xamirkhx ,
nice to see you here :sunny: and thank you for your Question! :memo:

I hope I understand your problem correctly. Please write me if it works like this.

  • Then add the link to OBS as Browser Source. The Size is 1920x1080.

  • Start OBS and press the text box at Your Animations. And with a little patience, it will work ;).


Sry, for my bad English :guernsey:. I am from Germany! :de:
Hope I could help you :blush: . If there are any Questions :thinking:, just type :writing_hand: them.
Greetings :vulcan:
:panda_face: Panda279TV :panda_face:

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