How do I create the code to use personal gif's as a chat command?

I am trying to use the Wizebot overlay to add gif commands in chat.
I have added the Kappa one that wizebot has as a default, but I want to add my own pictures/gif’s.
Please help! This is the only thing I don’t know how to do on wizebot that I can do on phantombot.

Look here = Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA

You can also save GIF or smaller videos in OBS and trigger them yourself as streamer.

  1. Creating a visual command
    If you have a bit of knowledge in HTML & JAVASCRIPT programming, you will have the ability to create complete animations from zero.

To create a visual command, simply go to the creation page of the custom commands and choose the type “Execute on the overlay screen” .
The value field must contain the “code” that will be executed on the overlay.

For the launch of this new feature, here are 2 animation codes to enter the field value (Only one code per command):

This two codes will be transformed into animation, you will have after the reloading of the page the whole of the code usable and modifiable at will.

An interface for the design of your animations is provided in the final version as well as a community sharing animation system.


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