Newbie to coding need help with overlay

So i want to add a feature of an emote of someones choosing to show up on the screen in a random place (look to xqc and admiral bulldog for what im trying to go for.) I have tried to do it on my own to no avail and there seems to be nothing about it anywhere. The only people that i have seen have it have a completely custom bot with a mod who codes it all for them. I know its possible and would think its fairly easy for if they type in !showemote kappa or !showemote GachiBass. So it would call whatever emote is typed in or would i have to make a seperate command for each emote? Then also to just put it in a random spot and hopefully it can do GIF emotes.

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You have the emoticon wall available via the SCREEN overlay.

Here: WizeBot Login - Wize.Bot BETA :slight_smile:

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