Api returning on two lines instead of one?

I’m looking to return two messages from one api. Basically some text and an action. I can get it to work individually, and hitting the api does a newline + return character, but it only responds with the first line. If I make two api calls, I can do two lines, but from a programming standpoint, it is very difficult to tie two async api calls together (the first one determines an action, and the second one would do something in addition to that action) Is there a way to do a multiline return in wizebot from an API?

What kind of API are you talking about? :slight_smile:

I have the wizebot calling an api that I’m hosting and wrote. It responds with text using the $urlcall() tag. However, I’d like to have it respond with some text, and then do a second separate line. I can mimic it using two separate api calls, but that is difficult to tie together, it would be ideal to just be able to return two lines with one call (I tried a carriage return, just a newline, both, and unable to do it) Simply asking if it was possible.

Currently, it is impossible.

We will think about what is possible to allow it, but it will take some patience :slight_smile:
However, it may not be possible to have two types of message (/me and simple message).

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