Write the list of commands in pvt

Hi, what syntax can I use to create a private message from wizebot? I would like the bot to privately write a list of commands and I would not want the bot to write the commands on a single line. i tried to use html in command config editor but it doesn’t work


This is possible! If you head on over to Custom Commands and select “Send a private message” (Like the photo below) you can do this.

Just note, this is a premium feature.

This also might work but haven’t tested it. If you select “Say a Text” and in the output write

/w $(user_id) message

That should produce the same thing theoretically.

Let me know if you need any other help

the function you told me works fine. I would like to know how I can make the wizebot write me privately not continuously but by listing the commands by creating a list.
Command 1
Command 2
Command 3

And not like this:
Command1 Command 2 Command 3

Thanks for the reply

Unfortunately this is impossible.

The Twitch Chat does not allow line return or formatting.
Similarly, it is impossible to send several “messages” in a row to have some semblance of formatting because the Twitch anti-spam policy prevents us from doing so.

The best is to redirect people to the external site that contains the list of commands.

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