How to make command trigger a function

Hello guys,

I’m trying to create a command that will trigger another bot to execute a function I have set,
I’m not sure how to make WizeBot read the user command and send some kind of information to
my other bot listening to execute the function I want, example:

user1: !test (!test costs 100 channel currency points to execute)
*WizeBot reads the command, takes 100 currency points from user1’s balance and sends a trigger to bot2 if user1 meets the requirements to use !test)
*bot2 is listening to wizebot, reads the trigger and execute the funtion.

I need to know what function I can use to make WizeBot send this information to bot2.

Thank you.


  • Or your second bot must analyze the messages.

  • Either use the $urlcall() tag (Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA > Tags (Advanced)) which triggers the second bot, but there you have to program an url on a web server.

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