Any Changes to Giveaways?

Is it possible an update occured with your giveaway system that would of crashed a current giveaway I was doing? I have grasped the ins and outs of the current system and held a week long giveaway with the basic options you have provided me with.

Currently it looks like my second giveaway is not running, and I have just double checked all the settings…This is a very frustrating and been trying very hard to stick to one bot for my channel. I’ve lost several entries to the current giveaway and feel pretty bad about that. If there is anyway to confirm that a possible update to your giveaway system could have wiped my current one out please let me know before I move on to another source for my giveaway plans.

I appreciate all the support and the last weeks winners have been very happy with the giveaway so thank you for that!

Hello mike_and_rob !
Indeed, following the discovery of several problems and bugs we made an update on the giveaway system.
Unfortunately, this update of the system has led to a purge of “unused” giveaways for a certain period of time.

It seems that yours is taken in this reset, please sincerely believe that we are sorry for this inconvenience.

There should be no “reset” for the future, the system is now fully corrected and stable.

To apologize for the inconvenience, we will make a move for you.
Do you have a twitter account to discuss all this? :slight_smile:

I am so relieved to hear that cause I could not understand what was happening. At least it was not on the last day of the giveaway! :wink: Hopefully in future there can be a warning to any resets. I am still happy with the current giveaway system.

I do have a Twitter account, it should be but not sure what you meant by make a move for me. I appreciate all support and time taken out helping me with wizebot, thank you!

I just received your Direct Message on Twitter! Thank you so much for your assistance and taking care of me with a gift code! That made my day and is an awesome gesture! =) =) =)


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