Automatic Giveaway

Hi, I am struggling with the automatic giveaway system. I just finished up a 40 hour stream in which I used the system for most of the stream. I did use it for single draws against the recommendation to use the draw system (mainly because I wanted to take advantage of the list system). It worked great with one issue, the command !agiveaway on would not work in chat. I was forced each time to go to the panel and turn automatic giveaway on each time I wanted to use it. (from there it would work perfectly as intended).

Is this a known issue? I couldn’t find anything when I did a search. Or was I just doing something wrong?

This is indeed a problem, you should now be able to activate / deactivate (on / off) even if the system is disabled on the panel.

You still need the system to be active (with the !agiveaway on command) to launch an autogiveaway.

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