Advanced Commands

I want to be able to make a command that does the following:

  1. Activate a custom alert on the overlay screen (global).
  2. Send a message in chat along with the alert.

More specifically, i’m trying to setup an alert that displays a legendary uno reverse card gif (which i successfully made), and then sends a chat message that mentions a user ( !noyou crimsonfireg) that replies back with no [user}, you!

You have a field below the animation (JS) /action text box.

This field is used to define the message that will be sent when the command is executed, and works with tags.

This has since been figured out. tho how would i add commenting into the say a text command? For example:

Ordis informs $(display_name) that they do not have the proper security clearance.

$custom_alerts(37225,31284,var_1,var_2,var_3,var_4,var_5) annotation here to inform me this is the image part

$custom_alerts(36003,31279,var_1,var_2,var_3,var_4,var_5) annotation here to inform me this is the audio part