!followage & !lurk

just I want to know how to add these commends to wizebot? Also how to mention the name of the commander if he types a commend in the chat for example : if one viewer say hey I want the wizebot to replay : hey (the viewer name)


You can find “FollowChecker” on this page :


For the rest, you can see by creating custom commands (panel.wizebot.tv/management_custom_commands) :slight_smile:

The tag you need is $(display_name) on your command, for your exemple, your command need “hey” as trigger (without “!”), and as aswer, you have to enter “Hey $(display_name)” and your bot will answer to your viewer.

If you want to go further, you can make a commande that salute other viewer in the chat, exemple, if someone say “Hey Dere011” in your chat, your bot can tag the 2nd viewer tagged. To make that commande, you need “$twitch(display_name,$arg(1,$(display_name)))”
So, with that code, your bot will salute the viewer who make the commande if nobody is tagged after the trigger

If you want you can find other tag, you can find all you need here : Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA

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