7 days integration clarification

I read a post that said that I needed to have an “online server” to get the 7 days integration working properly. Does that mean that I can not have a server on my home network and integrate WizeBot with it?

At the moment I have the dedicated server working on my pc. I can connect to it and play. I also have used Mischief Maker on this server. I installed alloc’s mod and I’ve attempted to get csmm working but I’m having issues with that connecting also. I believe that my issue is my lack of network knowledge but I’m not sure. I have attempted to open the correct ports on the router. I think I’ve done this correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

The server must be accessible from the internet.

If it is local, you must open the ports and configure your router so that WizeBot can access it.

You must also make sure that the live is online and that the game is set to 7 Days To Die for the interactions to work.

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