Probleme settings single player ouvert public

Est il possible d’utiliser wizebot en spam chat avec la monnaie virtuelle lorsqu’on joue en single player ouvert au public bloque a 1 joueur ?

Pouvez-vous réexpliquer la question avec plus de précision ?

N’hésitez pas à parler anglais si cela est plus pratique pour vous :slight_smile:

How do I make the bot work for my chat to use the virtual currencies of my channel if I don’t have a proper server ? Can I just use my own world with public settings max player 1 ? But where do I find the information to put on the settings of the bot to connect ?

Concerning virtual currency, you have in the “Advanced configuration” tab a section which concerns virtual currency in the edition of personalized orders. Just fill in the field which if found.

Regarding 7 Days To Die integration, you need a server with telnet access. It does not seem to me that a “solo” / “local” world gives the possibility of having telnet.

The server must also be accessible from the internet so that WizeBot can communicate with (So the telnet port must be accessible).

That doesn’t make sense that the communication couldn’t work… as you can set up a world that you are hosting and get your steam friends to play with you. Anyone got info on that ?

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