YouTube or Restream Chat support

Hello! I’m setting up a simultaneous stream to Twitch and YouTube. I’m currently using a chat relay bot to send messages from YouTube live stream chat to the Twitch chat. This allows YouTube users to send !commands to WizeBot however WizeBot will see all these messages as coming from “restreambot” instead of the individual YouTube user. This works for basic commands but isn’t ideal for commands that require virtual currency to activate.

Is there any WizeBot functionality I can use to better handle the relayed YouTube user virtual currency accounts and commands? Are there any plans to expand WizeBot to YouTube so I don’t have to do this?

Thank you!

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Unfortunately, it seems that basic relayed commands are NOT recognized by the WizeBot either :confused: I believe it is because the messages look like this ‘[YouTube: JohnsCouch] !help’ instead of ‘!help.’

Is there any way for WizeBot to recognize a !command mid-sentence rather than requiring it at the beginning of the message? OR can I update my commands with a wildcard character to account for the leading characters from the relay?

I’ll happily pay for YouTube chat support without the Restream side.

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At this point, I really just need to know if there is any way that WizeBot can recognize a !command mid-sentence? For example message “blah blah !commands” would trigger the !commands command.

Thank you, Mods!

Currently, this is impossible.

For several technical and practical reasons.

However, in the next evolution of the command system we plan to be able to create commands that can be triggered from keywords.

Impossible to say for the moment when, but development is progressing as well as possible so that it will happen within the next few months :slight_smile:

We can potentially do some beta testing of this feature, we can come back to you if you want!

Thank you for the response!

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