How do i get Wizebot to respond in chat?

I was watching another streamer and when some one in chat would speck Wizebot would respond sarcastically how do i set that up

afaik, wizebot can only respond to commands. It can’t simulate a conversation. However, while commands generally have a ! or / to denote they are a command, they don’t have to.

You could setup a command “love” to respond with “baby don’t hurt me”, for example. Throw in a long cooldown and tweak a few other things, and it would look like Wizebot was commenting on the conversation

You can edit commands here

OK, I’ve done some testing and I need to expand on this. It isn’t as easy as I thought.

Wizebot appears to only look at the first word in a line. It doesn’t appear to recognize multi-word commands. For example if the command is “test”, then “This test” won’t trigger. Additionally, “test” is an acceptable command, but “test a” is not.

So, I’m not sure how the streamer is creating the illusion of conversation.

What could work is a command like “test” that uses #arg(x)#, and then the streamer could use carefully crafted phrases to create that illusion. For example, let’s use “test” as the command, and the phrase “test is something steve knows about”. The response will be “#arg(3)# is an idiot”. This will come out as “Steve is an idiot”. Replace any name in the phrase, and the response will contain that name. You can even use any phrase as long as it starts with “test” and has the name as the 4th word.

It’s complicated, easily to mess up, but afaik that’s the only way to pull that trick.

Edit: Adding screenshots

Also, sorry to any Steve’s who read this. I have no reason to think you’re an idiot

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