8ball command won't work

I just added WizeBot to my stream today.

I added the 8ball command to my stream, and I’ve tried everything I’ve seen in other streams to trigger the 8ball command, and it works in other streams, but not in mine. All other commands I have enabled are working. Is there a way to fix this?

The functionality does not include commands.

Currently, the only way to use the Magic 8 Ball is this way :

WizeBot, do you like the game?

The name of the bot at the beginning and the ? at the end (Obligatory) of the sentence.

Concerning a possible command, wait a little bit… The next update has some surprises coming (And it’s coming very soon).

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I have tried doing that, and WizeBot does not seem to respond.

Can you provide me the name of your channel? :slight_smile:

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