Wizebot Stopped Working entirely

So i have been using wizebot for several days now its great but all of a sudden it has stopped working no commands work and it is unresponsive its still a mod and its still in my chat, twitch handle @MeetTheGoodGuy any info or help is much sppreciated as i really like wizebot.

These problems are now “fixed”, and we have made it necessary so that it is no longer unavailable of this type in the future.

If the problem seems to persist, check that the silent mode is not activated and that your bot is moderator :slight_smile:

Please look after here that It almost the same. Please answer at the other Post.

The bot must be activated, not in silent mode and moderator. The bot is not even in your chat!

WizeBot just upped and stopped working? - #4 by Panda279TV