WizeBot just upped and stopped working?

Was working last night been using it for months, now not working anymore wizebot is still in chat, i tried deactivating/reactivating, silent/unsilent will not respond to commands… restarted stream… (and why the hell does it take 5 minutes for it to come online anyway… when it does work that is…)

please help

Same here, have you fixed it?


The way I see it, there is a mistake on the way and it will be fixed!
Please always look on Twitter.
Also on the Status. → Service Status - Wize.Bot BETA

Please activate again the Wizebot on your Chanel and make the moderator! Please try again and let me know if it worked!



Everything works again for you!


The same thing is happening to me too wizebot is in my room but completely unresponsive.

These problems are now “fixed”, and we have made it necessary so that it is no longer unavailable of this type in the future.

If the problem seems to persist, check that the silent mode is not activated and that your bot is moderator :slight_smile:

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