Widgets (Overlay's) > Goal not updating on Wizebot.tv

Hello -

Is anyone also experiencing the same issue as I am with the Goals page [Streaming Panel > Widgets > Goals

Changes are not saved and not displayed accordingly if I make an edit say current goal value.

I have tried on several different browsers but none seemed to work.

Can you clarify several things for me ? :slight_smile:

  • What is the widget in question (You have two),

  • Doesn’t the modification take place when you modify the value from the “Current value” field ?, on the widget itself or/and on the widget page (editing)?

Hello Dere011,

The widget is goal #1289.

The modification does not take place when I modify “Current value” or “Target value”.

According to your screenshot, you have a page loading problem.
Some elements are not loading.

Can you press F12 and give me a screenshot of the console tab after the page in question has loaded?

Hello Dere011,

The goals’ page work flawlessly now. I can see the green tabs next to the value fields and changes are automatically saved after value adjustment.

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