What is happend with my Unlimited Premium?


i bought
Unlimited Premium & Custom name € 69,99
Order number: 58904f85daa1e
Transaction date: 31 January 2017 08:49:30 UTC

But now i can read in my Panel:
4 Days left.

The transaction could take a little bit longer i think, but i dont know.

But try here by the support ticket center.


It was 31. January. (5 Months ago).
I mean, i had Unlimited until they made some changes.

When did you first realize that you have no more premium account? After which update? What exactly happened?

I did not use Wizebot for 3 Months, bc we had some Music Player issues.
We just went back to wizebot. As we saw the new Overlay (awesome Idea btw),
we arent able to test it bc: You Need unlimited Premium for this Feature.

I clicked “Go to old Panel” and voila: Your Premium: 4 Days 22h left.

The only way I can help you is the support link in my other answer or wait until a supporter writes you.
It could be that something with the new overlay that was not taken over.

Hm thats not only the Overlay related

Hello Nekares,
The installation date is set to today.

It seems that you have to disable your account.
The deactivation of the account entails after 7 days, the total deletion of the account.

If you want to temporarily disable, use silence mode instead.

Your account will be put back into unlimited premium account in the day :wink:


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