What happened to Wizebot on my stream?

I started using Wizebot recently and i have been quite happy with it. But I am about to start a new stream and I do not see it in my list of Moderators. How to I reinstall it?

It is possible that there is a small delay before WizeBot detects the start of your live.

This delay is influenced by the delays on the Twitch side and the detection frequency on our service.

You can connect to our panel to “boost” the detection (From the opening of the panel, a detection is performed).

Sorry; can you tell me more, esp. on getting to the panel? (Still feeling my way around this new world of streaming and all its accompanying activities!)

I guess I panicked too quickly because it ended up being fine - but many thanks for your help and reply!

No problem :slight_smile:

For the panel, you just have to connect to https://panel.wizebot.tv/ (Wait, 1 to 2 minutes after the launch of the live) when connecting to this page, the bot will do a launch check.

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