Unfollowers list not refreshing since 2023-11-15

Hello, My unfollower list is not refreshing since 15th november 2023.

I have a premium account, and my unfollowers list is not blocked.

I tried to force the refresh once, but no updates after 48h.

Is the service is still alive ?

The unfollowers service is still “alive”, but changes to the API’s on Twitch’s side have caused quite a few problems.

More specifically, the problem with your account was that none of the official bots (wizebot, kikettebot, wzbot) had a moderator rank, and for some actions Twitch requires it (even if you use a custom name).

However, the problem has been overcome, and your list is now up to date again :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update.

But my bot (custom name : supremenonoss) is moderator for more than one year

The custom name is not used (for API, etc), but the main accounts (wizebot, etc) yes, it’s always good to let WizeBot moderator even if you have a custom name, especially now that Twitch requires a moderation rank for certain actions :slight_smile:

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