Trying To Make Commands

are you able to make a command for a game id that isnt the game you are playing? example: (johndoe1 challenged johndoe2 to a lvl in Tekken 7)

Can you give me more details? :slight_smile:

Im trting to make a command to where a viewer can challange another viewer to a 1v1 match but choose the game they want within the comman. For example johndoe wants to 1v1 johndoe2 in tekken 7. But lets just say im playin a totally seperate game how would i make a command for them to list a hame we arent playin

Sorry for the delay,

It would be enough to add the corresponding argument via the TAG $arg(x) (x = 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / etc) :slight_smile:

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