Read Arguments as a variable in Custom commands?

Tried searching through forums/reddit but couldn’t find an answer. Does Wizebot have a way to do arguments in a custom command? For instance, Nightbot allows for $(1-9) to grab up to 9 arguments to pass into alias commands or even the respons. For instance, we’d like to do something like

!Slap (Target Viewer)

Which responds with

“(Command caller) has slapped (Target Viewer) so hard, they forgot everything they said.”

Which then calls an alias to clear the target viewers chat.

There are a lot of things we’d like to do to add some fun Wizebot commands, with sound effects, etc. But this seems to be a major missing feature. The person I mod for wants the commands as well and is a premium user.

After much digging I found the Documentation - Wize.Bot BETA page that lets you use $arg(x) cmd to do it, thank you!

Follow up question, can a command trigger another command? And can you remove the “@” symbol or do some type of substring) from and arg(x) call?

You can’t trigger another command (For anti-spam policy).

You can use $twitch(display_name,$arg(1)) to retriew the good name (Without @) :slight_smile:

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